From time to time, everyone gets lonely. If you feel lonely most of the time, It can affect your mental health. Loneliness is different than depression. A person can feel lonely without being alone all the time. A person can even feel lonely in a group of people. Some people may feel very lonely because they do not want to show or talk about their pain or feelings. They do not want to open up to other people.

These actions and behaviours can help ease loneliness:

Stay connected with people you trust
When you feel lonely, it can be hard to be with others or open up to anyone, but being with people you trust can help ease feelings of loneliness.
Spend time/meet people with common interests
Join a group of people that share common interests. It can be anything — cooking, sewing, sports, dancing, volunteering, etc. It helps you feel more connected. You can learn new skills or share existing skills with others.
Take care of yourself
Take time for activities that make you feel good. This includes simple things—call a friend, watch a favourite movie, cook a favourite meal with friends. Simple pleasures can lead to big improvements in the way you feel.
Learn more about loneliness
The more you learn about loneliness and how common it is, the less lonely you'll feel. It's easier to deal with loneliness when you understand it.
Reach out to someone
Whether it's a friend, a family member, a counsellor, or calling a helpline, talk to someone about how you feel. It can make a difference in helping you feel better and heal.