Chronic Diseases

A chronic disease is a disease that lasts a long time. Sometimes, chronic diseases last the rest of someone's life. There are ways to help manage chronic diseases and prevent them from getting worse. Your health care provider will help you manage a chronic disease with healthy choices, medicines, or other treatments. Many people who have chronic diseases live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Healthy choices can prevent chronic diseases and can help people with a chronic disease stay healthy.

Some healthy choices you can make are:

  • Reducing or quitting smoking. For help, talk to a health care provider, visit [], or call the Nunavut Quitline at 1-866-368-7848.
  • Staying away from second-hand smoke, when possible
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Being active every day or most days
  • Eating a variety of country foods or healthy store-bought foods. You can use the Nunavut Food Guide to help you make healthy eating choices.
  • Following the Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines for alcohol
  • Learning about healthy coping skills and reducing stress
  • Visiting the health centre for annual checkups and getting the tests recommended by your health care provider

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