If you are running a community-based wellness program, you might be eligible for funding that’s available through your community’s Community Wellness Plan (CWP). Speak with your Community Wellness Coordinator (CWC) to learn more.

Who can access community wellness program funding?

Any individual, group, committee or organization within the community can apply for community wellness program funding through their Hamlet or Community Health and Wellness Committee (CHWC).

Some examples include:

  • You are a community member who wants to start a sewing group for young girls at your community’s youth centre.
  • You are a nurse who is new to a community and wants to start an exercise program at the health centre.
  • You are a teacher who wants to start an after-school music or sports program.
  • You run the soup kitchen in your community and need additional funding to keep it open.
  • You are a youth program coordinator and you need funding to fix the windows at the youth centre so that programs can be run.


What programs are eligible for community wellness program funding?

  1. Any program or project that contributes to the health and wellness of the community members.
  2. Any programs approved by the Community Health and Wellness Committee (CHWC), hamlet council, or sponsoring agency (depends on the community) and fit within the CWP.

Who do I speak with about accessing community wellness program funding?

The Community Wellness Coordinator (CWC) at the Sponsoring Agency is the main point of contact for CWP funding. In most communities, the Hamlet is the Sponsoring Agency. You can talk to the CWC about your program and what is needed in a proposal. The CWC can bring it forward to the CHWC or hamlet council for consideration.

If you require assistance in submitting a proposal, reach out to your community’s  Regional Wellness Program Coordinator (RWPC) or Community Health Development Coordinator (CHDC), or contact [email protected].

Who approves the project and programming proposals?

The Community Health and Wellness Committee (CHWC) reviews all requests, proposals and applications submitted for CWP funding. Once it has been determined which programs will receive funding, the committee will develop the CWP, or will submit a request to amend the CWP. The regional community health and wellness team will review the program request on behalf of the Department of Health.

If CWP funding has already been allocated, can a proposal still be submitted?

If there is no CWP funding left to be allocated, there are three options:

  1. Request to amend the CWP: speak with the CWC, and they will bring forward the request to the CHWC to see whether they would be open to amending the CWP to fund the program.
  2. Seek out other sources of funding: speak with your Community Health Development Coordinator (CHDC) to find other sources of funding outside of the CWP. Many organizations often put out calls for proposals throughout the year, and your program may be eligible. Email [email protected] to connect with your CHDC.
  3. Wait for next year: table your program when the CHWC is determining the needs and priorities for the following year.