Community Wellness Programs

Community Wellness Programs are community-based programs to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities.

These programs are in areas such as mental health, nutrition, maternal and child health, physical activity, injury prevention, sexual health, tobacco reduction, and addictions.

What is the goal of Community Wellness Programs?

These programs aim to:

  • Develop knowledge and skills so Nunavummiut can design, develop, and participate in health and wellness programs.


  • Promote awareness and understanding to health issues.
  • Improve quality of, and access to, culturally appropriate information and services at the community level.

How does each community deliver their Community Wellness Programs?

Each community develops a Community Wellness Plan (CWP) to deliver their Community Wellness Programs.

To develop a CWP, each community identifies their own priorities for health and wellness. The CWP outlines how these priorities will be addressed. The programming and projects are approved by the Community Health and Wellness Committees (CHWC) and/or Hamlet Council or Sponsoring Agency (depending on the community). Once approved, the sponsoring agency then administers funding to support the programming and projects.

As of spring 2017, all 25 Nunavut communities have a multi-year Community Wellness Plan. Plans range from two to five years in length.

All 25 Community Wellness Plans can be viewed below.