Tobacco use is seriously harming many Nunavut families and communities. Over half of Nunavummiut smoke and Nunavut lung cancer rates are the highest in Canada.

Tobacco use also leads to heart disease and stroke, and contributes to the spread of tuberculosis (TB). There are few families in Nunavut that have not been harmed by tobacco use.

The good news is that Nunavummiut can heal from smoking. People who quit smoking reduce their odds of getting sick or dying from smoking almost immediately. Youth who remain smoke-free are much less likely to become smokers later in life. Children and infants who are not exposed to second-hand smoke are less likely to have ear infections and breathing problems. Going smoke-free benefits all Nunavummiut -individuals, families and communities.

Living Tobacco Free - Quitting smoking

The Department of Health promotes smoke-free communities an supports people who make the decision to go smoke-free. The Department is very active in tobacco prevention, protection, cessation, and reduction.

For more information on tobacco and getting help quitting:

Smoking Facts

  • Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer. Quitting smoking or staying smoke-free is the best way to prevent lung cancer.
  • One in five deaths in Nunavut is caused from smoking.
  • Tobacco use also contributes to the spread of tuberculosis(TB).
  • Within 24 hours of going smoke-free, a person's chances of a sudden heart attack decreases significantly.                                       
  • Nunavummiut would see the largest increase in years added to their lives by reducing the rate of lung cancer.