Preparing to Hunt On the Land

Part of being a smart hunter is being prepared and being safe . If you are prepared, you will make the most of your time on the land and stay safe If there is ever an emergency.

Here are some suggestions to prepare for hunting on the land:

  • Taking care to pack everything you might need
  • Monitoring the weather
  • Checking your vehicle before you go 
  • Traveling in pairs or groups, instead of alone
  • Signing out a free tracking device, like a SPOT device, at your Hamlet office, Wildlife Office or Hunters and Trappers Organization (HTO).
  • Telling someone at home where you are going . Even if you are going out on the land for just a few hours, you should tell at least one person at home the names of all riders and passengers , where you are going, and when you plan to come back. If you do not return in time, this person will be able to send for help.

Check out the following pre-departure checklists to make sure you are prepared and taking the proper precautions for your trip:

Recommendations to pack your Rifle Safely

Before hunting make sure your rifle is clean and working properly. Then, pack it safely. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Unload your firearm and secure it with a trigger lock.
  • Remove bolts or bolt carriers.
  • Store the firearm in a sturdy, opaque container, like a gun case.
  • Store ammunition separately.
  • When you load your gun onto your vehicle, make sure it is in s safe place so it won't shift while you are driving.
  • Always keep the safety on when you are not using the rifle.

Remember, never point the barrel of the riffle toward yourself or anyone else, even if you think it's unloaded. It is safest not to consume alcohol, cannabis, or any other drugs while you are handling a firearm, or any time during your trip.



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