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Changes to Rules about Cannabis Use in Nunavut

Starting October 17, Nunavummiut ages 19 and older can legally buy, possess and consume cannabis. Possession limits will be 30 grams on your person and 150 grams in your home. Providing cannabis to minors, including your own children, is a federal crime. Driving under the influence (while high) is illegal.

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Smoke free/Cannabis-consumption free places 

The following places are designates smoke-free; you cannot smoke tobacco or e-cigarettes or consume cannabis in any form within 9 metres of their property:

  • a school
  • the grounds of a hospital, health centre, or public health offices;
  • the grounds of a place where child day care services are provided for money;
  • a playground
  • an arena, sports or playing field; and 
  • a concert, feast, or other public event.

Buffer zones

The no-smoking buffer zone around work places and public places where goods and services are provided has increased from 3 to 9 metres, so you must be at least 9 metres away from any entrance to the building if you are smoking—this includes tobacco, cannabis, and e-cigarettes. Nine metres is roughly 9 big steps.



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