At Six Months Old

At around six months, baby shows you they are ready to start eating solid food.

The points below are signs that baby is ready for solid food:

  • Drool more, close their mouth, and spit up less
  • Are interested in what you eat and grab for your food
  • Breastfeed more often and are still hungry after emptying both breasts
  • Hold their head up and turn away when they are full
  • Can chew and swallow solid food

At this age a baby's intestines are ready to handle solid food. They are old enough to have less chance of getting a food allergy.

  • Breastfeed or give formula first, then let baby try solid food.
  • Start with a small amount—one small spoon—and give more to match baby's appetite.
  • Use a spoon so baby doesn't choke.
  • Have baby sitting up, and watch carefully as they eat.
  • Try one food at a time. Wait at least three days before trying another one to see if baby has an allergic reaction.




Starting at six months, babies need to eat iron rich foods every day.

  • For healthy, strong blood
  • For baby's brain to develop properly so they can learn and grow

If a baby is low in iron, they may:

  • Look tired and pale
  • Seem weak
  • Be sick often
  • Be poor eaters
  • Grow slowly

Keep offering breast milk or formula with iron and vitamin D drops. Offer iron rich food every day—baby cereal, cooked meat—country food or store. Offer foods rich in vitamin C—fruit and veggies, maktaaq, fish eggs.