Sexual Health & Relationships

Sexual Health & Relationships

To have sexual health you need to make healthy choices for you and your sexual partner.  The Government of Nunavut has a separate sexual health site with lots of information at

On the website you will find information that will help to keep you and your partner safe, and find some healthy relationship tips.

Finding out the answers to your sexual health questions will mean that you know how to keep your body healthy and safe – one of the best ways to respect yourself.

Learning about sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, and how to have safer sex means that you will have the know-how to protect yourself and your partner from some of the not-so-good things that can happen when you have a sexual relationship. This way, you are respecting your own body and your health - and that of your partner. You will know what is and isn't true and how to best protect yourself and your partner.

The best kind of relationship is one that is based on respect, whether with your partner, friends or family. Getting and giving respect in all your relationships is important and will help you respect yourself as well. Remember no always means no. You are worth it – ask for respect in your relationships!