Depression can be treated in various ways. Counselling, psychotherapy, and/or antidepressant medicines are all used.

Lifestyle changes, such as getting more exercise, also may help. Your doctor or mental health professional will help you find the best treatment.

If you have mild or moderate depression your family doctor, or a mental health professional such as a counsellor, may treat you. If you have severe depression, or if treatment is not helping, you may need to see a psychiatrist.  Some people need to be treated in the hospital, especially if they have thoughts of suicide.

Work with your health care team to find the best treatment for you.

It may take a few tries, and it can take several weeks for the medicine to start working. Try to be patient and keep following your treatment plan.

Depression can return.  How likely you are to get depression again increases each time you have a bout of depression. Taking your medicines and continuing some types of therapy after you feel better can help keep that from happening. Some people need to take medicine for the rest of their lives. This does not stop them from living full and happy lives.

Let your doctor know if you think you are depressed. Depression is easy to overlook.

The earlier you are treated, the more quickly you will get better.